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The Pinmovio system – is an innovative Depot Control solution which assists Depot Operators by reducing workload and increasing safety and efficiency within the depot or train facility. The operator can set multiple routes within the depot in just a few seconds increasing efficiency of train movements in the facility whilst optimising the time to complete operators busy schedules. This is particularly important in areas where timescales are a key performance indicator. An efficient depot saves costs without any compromise to operational safety.

Our innovative point machines which form part of the overall system is equipped with an internal mechanical locking system, therefore common external maintenance locking systems such as clamp locks are no longer required. The machine is SIL 4 accredited providing the highest level of safety performance, modular design, highly reliable and easy to maintain with a 6 monthly inspection and one annual maintenance. Maintenance costs are reduced as conventional point machines such as HW or Clamp Locks must be maintained quarterly. The machine is installed between the running rails in the 4 foot this Increases onsite safety by reducing trackside trip hazards.

Fenix Rail Systems is a provider of the Pinmovio Depot Control system in the UK. The systems interlocking is digital and totally adaptable and equally applicable to modified as well as new train facilities.

Our combined knowledge and experience have enabled the company to develop a system that allows train movements in and around the train facility quicker and easier – The Pinmovio system ensures that imperative train movements on entry and exit from the facility are as smooth as possible. This is already the case at many UK train facilities where our systems have been deployed, a single operator is able to control even the most complex depot or train facility, with the confidence that the system is failsafe and user friendly.

Fenix has developed a bespoke technical interface that enables the system to be integrated with all UK-based mainline interlockings. The Pinmovio Depot Control has become the system of choice for many of the UK operators.
Whatever the facility be it a train depot, maintenance workshop, siding, stabling, port or intermodal Fenix Rail Systems has a control solution that provides maximum flexibility, dependability and cost savings.

Test Trials – Wolber point machine

10 years of development and vigorous testing ensure the Wolber point machine provides the safety and reliability required from Railway Depot Control Systems and is SIL 4 certified.

Various strokes and throw times available from 1.5 seconds

Undergoing intensive stress testing during development

Certified IP67 – Tested to work fully immersed under 1.0m of water and also proven to work whilst withstanding a high pressure water jet as part of IP66 testing

During the development stage of the Wolber point machine, a machine was left installed to work continuously for seven years in order to examine and test its performance in the harshest of conditions. This was completed without any maintenance whilst on the test trial with Thyssenkrupp Steel Europe AG.

During this seven-year period there were no reports of failure. The machine was only recovered at the request of the manufacturer for it to be examined for any damage and wear over the years.

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