Tie-FenLock 200 Depot Control System

Operational overview

General Operational Overview

The Tie-FenLock 200 system is presented on a point setting panel to the user. Indications of the current position of the point machine, normal or reverse, are shown with LEDs. Points are operated by pressing a single button corresponding to a single point end.

It is possible to fit multiple point setting panels. However, as there is no interlocking it is important that procedures are in place that do not allow two users to operate the points concurrently.

Example of Operation

The operation of the point setting panel is as follows:

Start Finish
The user approaches the panel and presses the buttons until the point ends intended for use are in their correct position.
The user checks that the end position LED indication of each point end is in the correct lie and that the indication is steady, not flashing.
After this, the user may direct the driver to the intended destination using hand signalling and verbal communication.
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