Tie-FenLock 300 Depot Control System


Executive Summary

This document provides the system description for the Tie-FenLock 300 Depot Control System (DCS) for use in depots, yards and other non-mainline applications. The Tie-FenLock 300 DCS is the second-most advanced system of the Tie-FenLock series, providing an interlocked depot control system without a full signalling system.

Tie-FenLock Description
100 Locally Operated Point System (LOPS) – points are switched over by plunger local to a turnout.
200 Points Setting Panel (PSP) – each point end is operated using an individual switch on the panel.
300 Route Setting Panel (RSP) – similar arrangement to the 200 system. However, it includes axle counter train detection and all points in a route are operated by a single button.
400 Fully interlocked signalling system operated by a single control person, via a visual display unit (VDU).

The current UK installations are:

Fenix recommend the Tie-FenLock 300 DCS for large, complex depots where a single point of control is required and where a full signalling system is too thorough.

Overview of Benefits

The main benefits of the Tie-FenLock 300 system are:

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