Tie-FenLock 100 Depot Control System

Operational overview

Example of Operation

The Tie-FenLock 100 is a simple system intended to be operated by a single shunter (or other depot staff) in conjunction with standard depot hand signalling to partially automate depot operations.

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The shunter will or should walk to the relevant plungers in the path to the desired siding and press them to operate the points to the correct lie.

Alternatively, keyswitches can be installed on the side of the equipment or PPI housing to allow operation.

The point machine then operates. The PPI begins to flash and continues to flash until detection is achieved.
The shunter will or should’ then check that all point lies are correct and begin hand signalling the driver at their discretion

Figure 1 – Plunger mounted on top of PPI (optional) and keyswitch (labelled WHT)
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