“A Pintsch of Technology” Fenix in April’s Rail Engineer

Fenix Signalling in April’s edition of the Rail Engineer, the double page article covers the new point system which is growing the successful relationship between Fenix and Pintsch Tiefenbach GmbH.

The editorial explores the Anglo-German partnership, developed by Managing Director Craig Purcell. During 2016, Fenix have sent engineers from their Warwickshire base to Sprockhövel, in Germany to become familiar with and understand Pintsch Tiefenbach’s depot signalling and control systems. Fenix have subsequently applied this cutting-edge technology in a light maintenance depot application at Banbury. The project called for an innovative and cost-effective solution to control the safety and automate the track system in guided traffic. The looks at how Fenix continue to deliver the GRIP 4-8 works at Banbury; the stage work started in August 2016 and is on-going with the present Stage commissioning scheduled for 22nd April.

Rail Engineer is an industry leading publication that offers a great opportunity for Fenix Signalling to raise market awareness and bring the innovative technical product to the UK rail sector.

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