Signalling Engineering – Training – UK Tier 1 Rail Infrastructure Contractor

Projects are growing in scale and cost; the challenge for principal contractors increases in direct relation to the complexity and number of engineering disciplines involved.

A leading tier 1 civils framework contractor identified “lack of signalling knowledge” as a recurring issue within their business during post-project lessons-learned workshops, when programme delivery challenges were discussed.

The Fenix team is well aware that the signalling aspects of infrastructure projects can be overlooked – a project can often succeed or fail when this happens and “simple” issues (simple, that is, to a person not from a signalling background) are not given the consideration or focus required.

Fenix tailored a one-day workshop for a client’s inter-disciplinary contract, commercial and project staff to address this knowledge gap. The training introduced the basics of signalling engineering and the “crossing points” when delivering a major rail infrastructure project.

There is a message here that, unlike many other engineering disciplines, rail signalling cannot be quantified, segregated or packaged as an isolated project element – it is complex and interacts throughout all stages of the programme.

The feedback was expected, but welcome. The client’s staff realised it was essential to build their basic knowledge and be able to recognise the wider impact and consequences when a project brief does not take an all-round view of possible “crossing points”. With this in mind, the client has booked additional workshops for key project staff.

Fenix’s bespoke training course can be delivered either at the client’s site or at Fenix’s headquarters near Stratford upon Avon. Call for information on “Signalling for Non-Signalling Engineers”.