Rusty the Dog – Individual & Distinctive!

Rusty – another office buddy on the Fenix Team, who really is proving to be quite a Character! He joins Vanya, Kerry Pearce’s guide dog.

Over the years Rusty has been a great buddy and therapist to his owner Eddie Murphy (Head of Projects and Development) Rusty’s business discussions during the nightly exercise walk help release daily stress. Rusty is an international tourist, raconteur and fashionista visiting places as far afield as Malaysia and Australia.

Rusty has struggled to keep warm in the typically British weather since returning from his adventures abroad; his already extensive formal wardrobe has been expanded to include a unique collection of coats and fashion accessories, courtesy of Mrs Murphy! He takes pride in showcasing the numerous additions to his wardrobe during his regular visits to Fenix HQ.

Having recently gone for “away evening”(after the winds blew down the garden fence) it was one of his many distinctive coats (faux ocelot) that ensured he was instantly recognized and returned home safely. I am sure you will agree that his outfit featured in the attached photograph, is a guaranteed hit for the canine catwalk!

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