Matt Wain – Staff Profile

Matt Wain – aged 23 – Signalling Design Engineer

Matt studied Civil Engineering at the University of Glamorgan and identified his career opportunity in the rail industry just 18 months ago.

He has already built up an impressive list of qualifications including a 100{be01deebafa0690a992599292fb53d80efe889f74ea06b675a9749e680444956} perfect score in basic signalling technology and is currently working towards his IRSE Design Licence (1.1.510v1), which he hopes to achieve by the end of 2015. He is working under the mentorship of a principles designer, who has significant experience on complex projects.

On-the-job training is vital to his progression and Matt has now worked on some significant projects, such as producing a scheme sketch and FPS for Banbury LMD, a project which is ongoing, and a signalling design project for a new ground frame, connecting a single line to new sidings for SITA Avonmouth.

Matt’s other successes include bespoke basic signalling, again achieving a distinction in levels 1 and 2, Personal Track Safety and Mod 5 Test Assistant. He became an affiliate member of the IRSE in May 2015.

Whilst most of his work is office based, he enjoys seeing the working site of the railways during on-site visits and surveys taking him out every couple of months. However, it is the technical side of the work and the attention to detail that Matt really enjoys, getting his teeth into new projects and challenges as well as the variety of opportunities to apply the training and skills in live projects.

Matt is very positive about the future of the rail industry and is excited about the fact that signalling is such a strategic part of infrastructure projects, especially the merging of historic and modern systems, which highlight the fact that the older systems will always need up-grading or replacing.

A keen hockey player, Matt turns out regularly for his local team in Stratford.

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