Fenix’s Matt Wain to attend IRSE Annual Convention in Texas

As Fenix Signalling continues to invest in the industry’s brightest young talent, it is reaping the benefits of its investment.

Matt Wain, one of Fenix’s talented signalling design engineers, continues to flourish in his role, and has recently been selected to attend the 2017 IRSE Annual Convention in the United States.

The Institution of Railway Signal Engineers (IRSE) is the professional institution for all those engaged in or associated with railway signalling and telecommunications, train control, traffic management and allied professions.

It aims to advance the science and practice of train control and communications engineering within the industry, and to maintain high standards of knowledge and competence within the profession.

Following Matt’s impressive performance in his design works, the IRSE have awarded him a bursary to attend the Annual Conference, which will be taking place in the Dallas/Fort Worth area of Texas, from 25th to 29th September.

The 2017 IRSE Annual Convention will consist of an exciting and informative set of presentations and site visits which will showcase Light Rail Transit (LRT), freight and commuter lines, with opportunities to experience wayside signalling and Positive Train Control (PTC) installations, highway crossing warning systems at BNSF, E-ATC type PTC at DCTA, PTC installation and shops at TRE and on-board PTC and locomotive manufacturing at GE.

Matt joined Fenix Signalling in April 2015, and is a great example of the benefits of choosing a vocation “apprenticeship” rather than his original route through a University academic education. He gave up Civil Engineering studies at the University of Glamorgan and encouraged by Fenix’s Managing Director, Craig Purcell, joined the railway signalling engineering fraternity.

In his journey so far, Matt has built up an impressive list of qualifications, including a 100{be01deebafa0690a992599292fb53d80efe889f74ea06b675a9749e680444956} perfect score in basic signalling technology and similar distinctions in the Intermediate training. Before flying out to Dallas, Matt is set to receive his full IRSE Design License, representing the next step in his burgeoning career.

Discussing Matt’s achievements, Craig said:

“I would like to congratulate Matt on being selected by the IRSE to attend the 2017 Annual Convention in Texas. This is a fantastic achievement for him and it will be a unique and invaluable experience for him and his career as a signalling design engineer.

“I am delighted to see young people in our business reaping the rewards of their hard work, and Matt represents the bright future of youth in the signalling industry.

“Matt’s recognition by the IRSE is a testament to the unique training offered by Fenix. Our ethos is to engage with the development of our all of our team and offer the opportunity to multi-skill in all aspects of the signalling process with a proactive mentoring approach, the experience of senior personnel is freely shared and the business has built a highly skilled resourcing team which possesses wide-ranging expertise and is perfectly placed to deliver our unique professional service offering.”

Fenix will continue to push forward and bring a different approach to a traditional skill sector.

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