Fenix Signalling Continue to Encourage Skill Development in the Rail Industry

The training and development of individuals is crucial for the long term future of the Rail Industry.

Here at Fenix Signalling we continually commit to the development of our staff members and we are keen to support and encourage individuals looking to pursue a career within the rail industry. This is demonstrated through our investment in team training and development.

Matt Wain joined in April 2015 to continue his Signalling Design training, and Vineet Bhamra, who joined the team in November 2015 as a Technical trainee, is also working towards his IRSE Signalling Design License.

More recently, we were approached by Richard Hill who was considering a career in Signalling Design and we agreed to facilitate an opportunity for him to join the team on a work experience basis in order to support him with his decision and gain some of the skills and knowledge required to follow his career choice.

Richard, 19, joined Fenix Signalling in April where it is intended he will gain valuable design and micro-station experience whilst also becoming familiar with some of the unique aspects of the Rail Industry.

Richard was previously working towards an academic degree qualification at Oxford University; however he decided to follow in his brother’s footsteps and embark on a more practical vocational career in the rail industry. Richard will work towards a basic signalling technology qualification which will support his recent step change to pursue a career in Rail Signalling.

It is hoped that Richard will thoroughly enjoy his time with Fenix Signalling and reaffirm his decision to change career paths – also he will gain valuable skills and knowledge from the experience. We welcome him to the team and the rail industry as a whole and wish him every success in his future career.

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