Fenix Signalling completes innovative signalling solution at Banbury Depot

Fenix Signalling has successful completed the final stages of the Banbury Depot project.

The project involved the designing the first ever Pintsch Tiefenbach interface of its kind in the UK. The unique interface enables the depot control system to link directly to the NR infrastructure and enables the Tiefenbach
System to interface with any type of UK interlocking, saving the requirement for NR-type approval.

The project overcame significant challenges throughout the lifecycle of the project, including wildlife, scope changes, inclement weather and multiple stages which were by their very nature incredibly complex. Due to operational restrictions many stages of the scheme required innovative solutions to progress.

Using the Tiefenbach interlocking technology and Conventional Dorman signals, Banbury Depot now utilises a number of firsts for signalling technology in the UK.

Fenix developed a unique system design that interfaces the Zone Green DPPS (Depot Protection System) with the Tiefenbach System, providing complete integrity between the two separate systems.

Banbury Depot now boasts trailable four-foot point machines- German technology which is again a first in the UK. Although these have been in use on the continent for a number of years, Banbury Depot is the first location in the UK to bring point machines into the 21st century. Unlike conventional point motors they only need one cable which provides both drive and detection integral to the machine, saving cable cost and installation time and costs.

The point machine has a sophisticated locking mechanism which senses a trail situation allowing the mechanism to “give”, thus preventing buckling and smashing of the point mechanism.

Once the points have inadvertently been trailed, a simple reset is achieved by switching the points from normal and then reverse remotely. This resets the mechanism without the need to inspect or replace a shear pin as required by other trailable mechanisms on the market. This remarkable point machine can be installed, setup and tested within two hours of arrival on site.

Craig Purcell, Managing Director of Fenix Signalling, said: “I am delighted to see the outcome of our team’s hard work on the Banbury Depot signalling system, which has paved the way for our innovative solution to be used on future schemes in the UK.

“We have worked closely with Pinch Tiefenbach to develop a cost-effective solution for the client that will provide fantastic benefits for the future of the depot. The successful implementation of Banbury has led to a plethora of expressions of interest, underpinning the new system as a must have signalling solution for depot control in the 21st Century. It is very exciting to be part of this UK industry first and I look forward to seeing the benefits for Banbury in the years to come.”

Following Fenix’s growing presence in the signalling market, the company has recently relocated its headquarters to Stratford-upon-Avon, allowing the team to expand further as demand for its services develops.

Craig added: “On a personal note, my feeling is that this project could only be achieved thanks to all of Fenix’s staff for their co-operation and dedication to the achieving delivery of every stage on time and within budget, which is quite remarkable given the many challenges this project has faced by all parties involved.”

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