A Positive Experience at the Rail Executive Luncheon for Fenix Signalling

Eddie Murphy, Projects Director, recently attended the Rail Executive Luncheon held in London on 10th March 2016.

These popular networking events are aimed at enabling senior rail professionals to meet and share ideas as well as hear from various influential speakers from throughout the rail industry.

Networking within the rail industry is a vital component for the success of businesses operating within the industry, especially in respect of negotiating new contracts. Not only does this ensure that the right people are met but also allows for rail professionals to stay up to date with the latest industry news and also identify new business opportunities.

Eddie Murphy reported on the value from attending the event having enjoyed a number of positive conversations with existing and potential partners, each with extensive operations in the rail sector.

“The profile of visitors attending the event aligned well with our unique service provision and I was able to identify a number of areas where we could assist businesses with our wealth of technical rail signalling knowledge and expertise.

“The event has given me a new insight into the key issues facing our industry, learning from the wide range of perspectives the speakers put forward. I left the lunch feeling inspired and ready to make the most of the new opportunities the event has created for Fenix.”

The Rail Executive Club luncheons are held three times a year, twice in London and once in the Midlands.

This is the first Rail Executive Club meeting we have attended and having taken value from the event, we intend to confirm our attendance in future events also.

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