Ho Chi Minh City Urban Rail Construction Project

CLIENT: Line 1 - Hitachi

Since March 2016, Fenix South East Asia (then named MGB Systems) has been working with Hitachi Rail to provide requirements management (RM) services for 11 sub-systems in the first line of Ho Chi Minh City’s new metro line.

Fenix took on the role of RM manager, included the following: signalling; track work; automatic fare collection; platform screen doors; telecoms; rolling stock; SCADA; depot and equipment; signage and graphics; power supply; and overhead contact systems.

Fenix worked closely with Hitachi to develop a custom RM database to manage the requirements of all stakeholders for the systems work associated with the first line of the city’s urban railway project.

Using this database, Fenix was required to produce a systems requirements specification followed by a subsystem requirements specification before progressing to the traceability stage to link all requirements. Finally, gap reports were created to filter those requirements yet to reach the ultimate status of verified or validated.

The first line of the city’s new metro system, the Ben Thanh-Suoi Tien line, will cover 19.7km and connect the city centre with eastern districts. It is expected to begin operation in 2020.